Born in America but not rise.

Belong in America but feel unwelcome. 

Die in America home of the brave but is it really home of the brave.

You were never home to other you need to change

You disappoint me with your drug, hate and hunger

Gays are still felt to not be equal.

No peace is ever welcome in your hands.

You have made your people go through great depression.

You’re all about money and money is all that go’s through your people’s head.

People pray for their lord to save them but where is the lord.

All I see is the sky and stars but no heaven.

America you’re not safe help your country in fact let us

Don’t worry I’ll make it home

Our generation might not have a future.

America we need to change government’s point of views

Other countries look at us and think ‘look at these fools’ 

I’ll stand up in one in a million to change the hatred against other. 

Stop gangs from over taking our streets to sell drugs to kids

Kids the age of ten 

I take a stand America to help improve my country. 



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