Save Your Students


Old Dominion University
United States
When I was in high school everyone was skipping class
Not me cuz my mom would kill me if I didn't pass
But it was wreckless
There where kids playing hookie and teachers not taking attendance
I came from a school that didn't even give detentions
They just let the kids miss lessons
If they failed every test the teachers never stressed it 
Junior year my friend had a 1.3
So he gave up on school and started running the street
I told him graduate go to community college
He said no I got the knowledge to turn drugs to a profit
He had a child his family had money problems 
That he got convicted now his daughter doesn't have a father
His mother was an addict his dad was very distant
Teachers have to know that they can be the difference
He had no guidance no supervision
When you see your student failing he's more than a statistic
I'm about to say a bold statement
If your not tryna save them you need a different occupation
If their acting out in class try to learn to their situation 
9 out of ten times it's the way the parents raised em or didn't raise em
My friend never had a chance
And a being felon that was never in his plans
Teachers never tried to help him they just failed him never got to know him
Now until hes 50 his daughter will never get to know him 
He use to try to get extra help
Teachers gave up on him then he gave up on himself
I felt like he had a disability
He would study hard and get F's are you kidding me
Is what the teachers said when he couldn't learn a concept
So he left school to put them out theie misery
Teachers cud of helped him to victory
Instead he's in a prison facility
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