Tyrannical Teachers(get your life in order)



Sh! t you can’t say to your teacher!  



Dearest teacher,


Can you please learn to put in your grades on time?

I don’t care that you have a wife

Or a newborn baby at home

You shouldn’t have assigned us

Some many projects and homework

Then when we beg you to put in grades

You complain that it’s too much work

Or that you have a headache

Then you never teach us anything

You just make us write notes

On stuff that has nothing to do with the test

You plan to give us in two weeks

When we all fail the test you refuse to curve the grades

Saying that we should have studied


Can you stop giving us study guides?

With more than 50 questions

That are due a week before the test

Telling me not to cram and take my time

Doesn’t help the fact that you

Are stressing me out

with your many assignments

And penalizing me with an automatic

Fifty even if they are only day late


Again I don’t care about your excuses

As to why you can’t seem to grade

The many projects you

Decided to give us over the break

Every day we come in and ask you have you

Put in the assignments in yet?



Too many of my fellow classmates are failing your class

Because you just marked decided to mark a zero for work

YOU clearly lost and blamed the student for not turning it in

When the whole class saw

He or she hand you the assignment  

Then when they redid it

You mark it as a late grade


You say rude things to my classmates and me

Calling us many hurtful names

Then when we retaliate

You send us to the office with a referral

Claiming that we disrespected you

And said things that hurt your feelings

When you start the agreement on

How we were all such failures


Dearest teacher please get your life together




It's funny how we have to accept a teacher's excuse when our excuse is supposedly pathetic and useless. This reminds me of my Physics class A LOT!!


I have six classes and 3 out of six teachers are not like this I'm just Oml -_- ths my chance to finally vent all this anger I had I'm thankful for this scholarship and that my voice will finally be heard!

Jennifer Marilyn Orozco

i agree with this poem it is completely TRUE !!!! haha oh if only teachers knew that we have a million things going on in our heads too !


This perfectly desribes my science teacher, i'ts sad that so many of us have teaceres like this.

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