My generation
Only knows hate
Because it's all we've seen.
The worst act of terrorism 
To have struck our nation
Murdered thousands.
And since then,
It's like no matter where we go
Or what we do is safe.
Our guard must always be up,
Just in case the unthinkable happens.
But what is unthinkable today?
There's a new definition. 
Anything is possible,
And we have no choice
But to live in fear. 
Because fear is 
The only emotion
Anyone feels anymore.
That's pretty unfortunate.
Especially considering my age
And how many crimes have
Caught my attention
Across my nation.
It's scary to sleep at home at night.
It's scary to go to school
Or work.
It's scary to see a movie,
Or go to dinner.
Because people are cruel,
And haven't learned
That we are all one.
We all should be getting along
Instead of living our lives in ultimate fear.
Especially when you've barely lived.


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