Too Cool For School


Capitol Hill High School
2405 se 47th st.
United States
35° 25' 6.5208" N, 97° 28' 10.7976" W

Education, a thing we take 

advantage in this generation.

Ditching classes and teachers don't care 

they just mark down who's absent.

They lacking, students are always slacking 

use their desk to take a nap in.

If we want to be smart

the teachers must motivate us to learn that special art.

Without education, how would we succeed in life?

Some times we students aren't even getting treated nice.

This strictly ain't right. 

We need a change.

Teachers strictly, they need to know that 

teaching is not only about making money.

Its about helping students succeed

and if they can't see it that way than they shouldn't teach.

We look up to our fellow teachers 

their like our weekly preachers.

teaching math, science and even literature.

I know it is not easy to do,

but thats what you went to college and got your degree to do

so please help the learning individuals.

Some students say their to cool for school 

I don't think so, I think school is to cool for you. 

Plan and simple.

I think students and teachers need to become an alliance 

two groups that needs to be united. 

We students need to stop slacking 

and our teachers to show us some passion.





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