New, Not Alone

I stood firm on the sands of time.

Mind fresh, troubles having no rhyme.

What did I have back then to lose?

A new stage of life to bemuse.

I speak of my first days of school.

proceeding I knew not one rule.


Everything was going so well,

exciting new challenge to quell. 

Then first anxieties would show,

and my stark fears would start to grow.

Who were all of these new people?

Who was I from home’s safe steeple?


At first I did rebel from change,

Withdrew from stretching my safe range.

I fought the unknown with outbursts.

Then met a friend, being my first.

Learning with people we can win,

Things that alone would be chagrin.


Things that used to be very sad,

it seemed that time had made less bad. 

The sands had been swept out of mind, 

friends here with me now intertwined. 

My old distress cannot contain this.

What was once lonely is pure bliss. 


For a short time my dread was done,

My friend and I played it was fun.

Everything again would be new,

Trust and friendship would then ensue.

So if trouble sends you to flight,

Find friends to help you stand and fight!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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