The Future

Years from now

say 2034

I stand around

wanting nothing more

than to be where i am

a place so grand

everything according to 

a careful plan


The walls are soft

the house inviting

friends are here

softly chiming

a murmur here, a laugh there

all herded around a living room chair

everythings good, calm



Sadly though, thats not the scene

snuffed out in a flash, boom and clatter

as all the other kids yelled to scatter

a life ended much to young

all from a man with a gun


The door burst open, the lock couldnt hold

the intruder, daring and bold

taking aim at the herd

nobody speaking a single word

and quick as lightning a life snuffed out

one by one as they all shout

the room next door knows very well

that my story was not a happy tale


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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