Love at First Sight


United States

Written and Directed by Jeremy Velasco

This video was inspired by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's "When Love Arrives" and "An Origin Story." Though there might be some similarities, this was just made as an inspiration and a project in English class. The poem is about having people to not expect too much in love at first sight because clearly it is rare and it is very hard to attain in some couples.

Though this is the poet's view of love at first sight, others might contradict and the poet's open to any opinions though people should consider having respect when giving out opinions.

Performed by classmates Jeremy Velasco and Katrine Soriano, their first slam poem brings audience to their point of view in love at first together with a little comedy.

Video shot and edited by Jeremy Velasco (Smiling Cat) together with John Henry Marso

Jeremy Velasco

Katrine Soriano


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