Assigned to a table to be quietly seated

Attempting to, for a slight moment, be an ordinary, tranquil student

His face concentrated on the slim technology placed in front of him

A search on the web, to keep him well-balanced

Curved out spine glued to the thin fabrics as if it became part of the skin

The posture screamed to me and it asked for comfort


One minute, tick, two minutes, tock, three minutes go out the window

Took a look in his direction, no one to be seen

The slim technology remained in place whereas the owner did not

In those three minutes, he became a victim of wicked temptation

Cannot play the card of staying still, an impossible act to accomplish


My provisional eyesight watches his step one by one

He is being slightly irritated and is craving for attention

Walking towards to me, his eyes are talking, telling me he needs interaction

To the right of me he sits to keep me company once again


He mentions my name with a sense of relief and joy

A small smile appears on his face

His arms open wide, reach to hug me and give me a sense of safety

Still seated and without a movement, I become a part of him

A second home has been established

A slight smile makes an appearance on my pale face


He craved for human interaction

My business prevented the interaction to occur

But briefly, afterwards, I gave in


Looking directly at me, he knew what his purpose was

The computer needed a break,

It was close shut by him, no attention now

As I was facing him, another smile appeared

“I am bored.”

Agony appeared again


He places his hands towards me

What a child he is

We played this game before and he knew that I was terrible at it

He still plays the game, he does not care

Does he think we are five?

Sure does feel like it with the game of patty cake


A sense of company that has not been felt in years

But let’s remember to not stray away from that path

The focus goes back to the computer

School is first, friends can wait


Disappointment infects his eyes

He wants more

Mumbles my name, signaling that he is not done

The call gets ignored


He pushes me side to side as I try to concentrate

I let him know this is not going to work

Calls my name, but louder than before

My concentration is broken and I attend to him


“What do you want?” I ask, knowing the answer

He leans towards the screen to see

He gets interested in the task that prevented me from attending to him

We talk plenty as he wished


He leans towards me as he places his head on my shoulder

My worries fade away, I am with peace


His sense of comfort will fade away in a matter of months

But it will be remembered

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