Football is my Life

Here is another poem, with meaning and rhyme,
Football is like life, you take a yard at a time.
Sometimes you gain yards, 
Sometimes you get a touchdown.
But sometimes, you get tackled
And you just have to keep getting up.
To some people, football is a big part of their lives,
And to some people, it is their life.
You always have someone there to encourage you, 
And to be your cheerleader.
You always have someone to teach you, 
And to be your coach.
You always have someone that has your back, 
And is your teammate. 
The touchdown zone is your goal.
You spend the whole game trying to get there.
No matter what gender, girl or boy.
You can play the game with lots of joy.
I may be the only girl who plays on my team.
But it is what I worked for to reach my dream.
The defense makes the tackle and the sack.
They certainly scared the superstar Quarterback.
Tie up my cleats and pull on the gloves.
Then I strap up my helmet and play the game I love.
We are in our stances and on the tip of our toes.
Hearts are beating really fast and ready for whistle blows
We feel an adrenaline rush and hear the crowd,
They chant your name, so go and play proud.
Win with honesty and respect, but lose with even more.
Just work your but off, so you can forget about the score.
Be patient, like the players on the side line, waiting to go in.
Because all that hard work, pays off when you get a win.
The quarterback is given a few seconds to make a decision fast,
Cause linebacker is charging toward the quarterback, not a second to last.
Your teammates help you out and are always by your side.
A few broken arms and bruises will be shown with great pride.
During the game, watch a player do their touchdown dance.
And if you haven’t already, you should give football a chance.


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