Being a military kid can be a real drag sometimes. You move more than the average teen. Last year I moved to and went to public school. At first I was scared and lonely. Within a few months I met some of the coolest people in the world. These people saw me through the highs and lows of getting used to the public system. They made me laugh and feel like I just be myself around them. I have yet to find any other group of people like that. My crew is ethinically diverse and gifted in various areas. I don't ever want to lose these friends. They'll keep me grounded always and accept me 100% even with all the cracks in my armor. I will love them forever and alway strive to be worthy of their friendship. If I don't I'm pretty sure they will remind me that it's okay to have faults and be a little quirky and strange. This year I look foward to being silly with my friends and graduating together with people I trurly feel comfortable with.


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