I can still hear it ringing in my ear

It’s been months now, but I still can’t shake the fear

Tears roll down my face

Thinking back on the time when I was all but safe


I still remember the stormy weather

The way me and my friends got stuck in that room together

The air was stuffy

The lights were dim

Many of us in fear we wouldn’t see our families again. 

With the twist of the lock and the stacking of chairs 

We all had hope that we were well prepared


Soon enough there was a bang on the door 

A gunshot was fired and rang through my ears once more

My friend looked at me with panic and fear

As she stifled all her cries wiped her and tears


Sirens rang throughout the town

As police instituted a shut down

After hours of waiting and many tears

They announced they had caught him

He would be going to jail for years.


Still to this day I live with the fear

That one day this man will again appear

Anger boils throughout my blood 

As I don’t understand how someone could hate this much


There is no reason for such a crime

No reason for anyone to die

Two lives were lost that day

And forever in my minds will they stay


For they lived good lives

So together we must rise

To raise awareness 

of this unfair event


Crimes of hate

are nothing to tolerate 

for they must be punished

for this will seal their fate.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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