Born with REASON


I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror,

I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.

"My bushy eyebrows and lifeless pale skin that I have, MUST be fixed." I say.

"For I know society will not accept me, for who I am."

"I must wear this shirt, to cover up my NON skinny figure."

"I must destroy my curls, with the heat that seems like the sun in order to have that silky shine that only seems to last a couple hours."


Entering school you see everyone look the same but different at the same time.

I walk around not looking perfect to them.

My straight hair now puffing up because it cannot be tamed.

My skin, unacceptable to my tan Hispanic people.

My glasses, who is my tattoo of humiliation at times.


‘I don’t fit in!’ I say. ‘I’m just not good enough!’ I say.


But then, I realize something. SOMETHING, that I never noticed before.


I! I was born without filter. I was born to be unacceptable to my teenage society.

I was born to be too natural.

I was born in the war zone of being different or unique or the same as anyone else.


Knowing this, I took the effort to remove these feelings.

I needed to accept myself because I was created FOR a reason by God.


WITHOUT the mask I wore often,

 I am a girl who speaks her mind when is needed.

I am courageous, I AM  intelligent, mindful, caring, innovative, creative, beautiful, silly, emotional, dedicated, independent, and faithful…young lady.


I turn heads with my new CONFIDENCE!


There will be days where I will commit errors and even start questioning myself again, but I know my life is a purpose.


And that purpose will not let me fall…

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