What I can't say to my Teacher

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 11:51 -- rjaffar


My mouth is a door

You really dont want to open this door

I have many things to say

And they are not for anyone's ears, but you

Okay, I'am late. So what! 

I'am tardy, forgive me for my sin

Detention is for students who are rude and nasty 

Write notes and pass it Around

Chew bubble gum and stick it under their seat

You say you know me because you have my profile

I kind of figured you work for the FBI

Always walking around my desk

Calling my mom to snoop my life

And by the way, those diploma's and those certificates are fake

Does that University even exsist. 

I dont feel like doing work today

And if I need to use the bathroom, I dont need to time myself

I have galbaldder issues

When you talk its like people moaning at a funeral

I rather stick pencils in my ears

And then when the principle walks in

You act as if your talking to sweet, little children

When your the devil laughing inside

And if I dont want to do homework

Dont be upset and whine

My choice, I've earned my zero, right?

You always tell me to stop texting

But when I see you texting under your desk and giggling at your boyfriends text

i bet a clown hired you

How about I just leave 

So I wont  have to end up in detention

Remember only detention is for students who are rude and nasty





Guide that inspired this poem: 



My favorite part is when i say if i need to use the bathroom, i dont need to time myself. I have galbladder issues.

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