Untitled thoughts

Morning has broken the sky is broken
Living day to day with words left unspoken
Eating away because we aren't awoken
Feeling like our efforts are in vain, they are token


Education where we spoonfeed brats
Feed them specific cheese as if they are rats
It's my words not their's therefore it is fact
They do what I say it's a societal pact
For them to listen they do not dare react
They do what I say it's a societal pact



Misery the waste of a mind is a mind full of waste
We spoonfeed them facts but they hate the taste
It won't be long before our undoing is our haste
To see them out the door with a smile on their face
But the smile is a mask behind is true fears
A world full of terror and a word full of tears



The world is a war and we are the soldiers,school is the training
If we focussed on the person, it might stop the bullets raining
your armour is your conscious your mind are the bullets
But everybody's firing blind with life full of regrets
Once you're in the battlefield there is only one road out
With rifle in hand you try to remove all doubt
But you can't the rifle is empty the spoonfed facts have run out
Defeat looms over you like a shadowy spectre, stuck in the trenches
of mediocrity forever more

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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