Untold Story on the Shelf

An untold story finds itself, dusty

That childhood story you once knew

Peeking out on the shelf

Holding Brother's Grimm Tales of the Billy Goats Gruff

And Cinderella

But Wait

There's Yours

Burning, curling the delicate pages of life

Layers of extracurricular involvement, success,

A facet of perfection

A fairytale

The brains, the beauty, the talent,

Oh generous heart, you've got it all

But Wait


Ink spilling over

There's yours

Pages with battles splattered amongst themselves

Motifs of pleasing versus inadequacy

Hidden shame versus freedom

The desire to serve others versus the fear of being unloved


The human experience

Raw, whole, pure


My untold story

Drying my splattered ink

Fearlessness, goals


Hello, again

Human experience

Raw, whole, pure


My untold story once more

Ink pouring, saturating the binding of life's pages

But Wait

The depth

The ink, drowning

Into my lungs




School, and lost goals

But wait

My untold story

Ink is still wet

Still writing

Still hopeful

Still forceful

Still Successful

Still Joyful

Still Strong

Still Unwritten

Still Me

Untold Story on the shelf

Still displayed

As a writing guide

A bandage

A Napkin

For writing untold stories

For healing torn pages

For holding dripping ink

Untold Story on the shelf

Collect dust as you may

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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