Why Should I Stay?


United States
40° 51' 5.7132" N, 73° 54' 55.4652" W

Possibly destroying my own future
But I can't bear to see those faces.
If running from the people
Who are supposed to always be there for me
Helps me feel free
Then run I shall.
Their words, their jokes, their comments,
They do nothing but irritate me
They are what paints the environment
But to be honest,
I don't think I like the paint.

They come
They go
They'll just leave me alone
So why shouldn't I leave them?
Stress is all they cause
Short moments of fun,
Long moments of absence.
Where are they when I'm bored at home?
Where are they when I wanna make plans?
Why don't they include me in theirs?

Are we truly friends,
Or just acquaintances with shit in common?
They claim they miss, care, and love me.
But only after 3 weeks of not seeing me,
Is when they start to contact me.
Holding a virtual intervention
but most of them quit pretty early.
Why should I go,
When you're the reason I don't want to?
Why should I stay.
When I don't even want to be around you?



I completely understand what you're talking about in this piece. It's incredibly strong and I've gone through a very similar thing with "friends" from my past. But you'll be okay, because in the end it's you that you have to worry about. Other wise it's a very powerful piece I would love to hear you read it one day.


Thanks, Becky. I'm gonna try to go to PW tomorrow

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