Cash in the Dark

What the hell is life when a life is determined by money?

When you live in utero, grasping for cash in the darkness

Everything is a business

Education, religion, your own health

The cash flow is circular

You work to spend, and spend to live,

And live to work, and work to spend,

And spend to live.

So while I sit around, my on-the-cusp-of-adulthood perspective

Trying to picture what a college payment looks like,

I feel the weight of invisible dollar bills sagging on my shoulders.

I feel pressure in my chest akin to a fifty-year-old's heart attack upon

looking at his triple figure medical bill.

The days are numbered before I have to immerse myself in the dangerous waters 

of the loan sharks.

The government can only offer me less than twenty-percent of my tuition.

One can only start to believe that the education of the next generation 

garners less than twenty-percent of the country's concern.

What the hell is life when a life is determined by money?


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