Elated and euphoric as I read 23/25 at the top of the page


Worthy and filled with pride


The shortlived victory is overshadowed by the BURN that fuels and torments

Physical signs make me more aware

Grey hairs and hives- the BURN is unrelentless

My heart sinks and I feel hot and uncomfortable

Email notifications stabs me monthly

Rent is 5 days late

Please contact us

Phone rings

Please contact us

3 phone calls this week

Busy weekend at work slimly defeats the leasing office

The BURN - pressure to financially survive never ceases

Rent is paid, the BURN is sedated , I can study

I cherish this opportunity to inhale knowledge

Filled with joy I am reminded that education will defeat the BURN

Glorifying the day finances are stable and the BURN fatally overthrown 

Diploma Diploma Diploma

This year I am battling the BURN

I will suceed and the BURN will torment me no longer

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