Of Fun and Fear

On a wet and windy noon,

I feel the rain and the pain as I run.

Aware that the day will end soon,

I return home after great fun.


When nights fall,

I sit in my room and fear

that a time of bad luck is near.

Still, I study, or I won't succeed at all.


Flowing into the start of school,

I begin with perseverence.

Not only keeping my cool,

but also pondering what I sense.


Playing the tuba in the school band,

I passionately play and have a blast.

Not only finishing with a sore hand,

but also making this passion last.


Every Monday night,

my tuba playing goes downtown.

Playing in a university band with all might,

and returning home all tired down.


After long weekdays,

I study with stress near.

With tests coming at me in many ways,

I sleep in fear.


When weekends come,

I not only study and run,

but I also get into holiday spirit while I'm numb.

Moments with others have also been fun.


Before I know it,

I will be going to college.

The things I've done has been a hit,

but I must avoid going over the edge.


As a senior this year,

Of fun and fear

Is what I call this year.












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