My Macbook

This is where i make my music, this is what i use to find what i need,

If my little bro or me cant find an answer, my macbook is my tool to find it with speed,

I use to to make music, it depends on how i feel for me to choose a tempo for a song,

I spend hours on it day or all night long,

until i dont feel the vibe anymore, I can spend hours on it without any bore,

No matter where i go it can always tag along, due to its mobility any place cant go wrong,

I use it for school or any education, because a little extra knowledge cant go wrong in my generation,

I love all my gadets but this is my favorite, not only it is a tool, it is my weapon,

Tests dont scare me because the of the amount of time i invest in, Thanks to my Macbook, i am ready for any lesson.

This poem is about: 
My family


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