My love

I love how your hand fits in mine, I love how your smile can light up a room, I love how your eyes shine in the sun light, I love when your Eyes meet mine. You are the Ronald to my Hermine. You are the sunset that makes my life a beautiful painting. You are the colour in my life like the orange and yellow kisses on the green leaves in the fall. To feel your heart beat against mine makes me feel like I'm not alone, To hear the words I love you... it makes me feel stronger. To see your face every morning, it warms my heart, and I know that when I see you, everything will be alright. No matter what happens during the day, I will be okay. There was always something missing though I felt complete before, now I feel infinite and that's so much more. As time moves forward the emotions grow stronger, forever in my heart, and never apart, i drift forever with you on my mind, leaving nothing behind. I set my eyes on none other but yours, locked on you forever. My heart has been captivated, I see a future in you like no other. . I see the future in your eyes, A world I'd never thought I'd recognize. The battle I faced in the past, I don't even know how I survived. But I'm glad I did. I see Happiness, joy and intense emotion, devotions I never once comprehended prior to your arrival, You're warm embrace and sweet face, you make my days brighter and my life so much lighter, With every touch there is a spark, an electric shock through my veins.. you've got me going purely insane. Before you I was cold, I loved hard but I could turn off my emotions for any single person in my life, but not you. With you it's different. My heart still beats fast every time I see you, my eyes get caught on your beauty, I never truly knew what happiness was until I was sitting on the dock with you looking at that beautiful sunset. I look at you, and I finally know what happiness is.

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My family


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