It's easy, wait until..

Elementary school
I bring home big scores
The best in the test

I’m ecstatic
They say
You’re just in elementary school,
It’s easy
Wait til middle school,
It gets harder

Middle school
I bring home big scores
The best in the test
Straight A’s
Top percentile

I’m proud
They say
You’re just in middle school,
It’s easy
Wait til junior high,
It gets harder

Junior high
I still bring home big scores
All A’s
Honor roll
I join volleyball
I’m captain of JV
But now I cry myself to sleep

As I look down at my scars
I’m not so overjoyed
They say you’re just in junior high,
It’s easy
Wait til high school,
It gets harder

It’s high school here I am
Straight A’s
Ahead of schedule
AP classes
In the marching band

I have tear stains on my pillows
And blood stains on my sheets
Does it matter?
I’ve got all A’s
Anxiety being one of them

Bu they still say
They still yell it in my face
Just a freshman
Just a sophomore
Just another kid with problems
So you’re achievements don’t matter
Because just wait
It gets harder


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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