the truth

Wed, 02/03/2016 - 20:13 -- 18mec01

school is where they hide their shame, fear, and hurt.

she puts on the smile, laughs at their jokes so they never know how deep they stung.

she couldn't let them know, they would attack her,

dagger after dagger, stabbing into her soul.

they all pretend. he, and she.

fake smiles, cruel jokes, laugh it off.

they want to leave, want to go home,

but nothing better resides there.

it's more pain, more hurt,

there is no escape, no escape to peace and solemnity.

so they leave. they leave this world for something better.

the prejudices stay, grow, and expand with each year.

school represents the judgement, disgust, and hate they hold for those who are different,

those who don't talk, don't dress, don't have, what they do.

it's where people are excluded, thrown out, pushed away,

where they have nowhere to go, so they stay.

school represents the suffering, anxiety, and depression,

that they're not good enough, don't have a place in this world.

school represents destruction, and murder,

not of one's body, but their mind, their heart, their beliefs and their dreams.

it crushes the life out until barely a breath can escape.

school represents pain. and yet it will never change.


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