Everyone seems to have all these high expectations for me, 

for I am a preacher's daughter,

I am a "smart" person,

I am innocent.


No one expects me to slip up.

I am not allowed to get a bad grade,

that is unheard of!



Everyone sins,

but if I do,

I face unfair judgements because I "know better".


People think that I have done no wrong,

because have the look of innocence upon my face,

It's quite funny actually.



Why, of course it's mandatory for me!

I better not even think about persuing opportunities elsewhere.


The pressure put upon me is almost too much to bear at times,

for I am the first to graduate from high school amongst my siblings.

I am not pregnant,

my life actually looks like I'm going somewhere far. 


I am depended on to make something of myself,

I have to make my family proud.

I cannot be a dissappointment, 

everyone is relying on me.


It'd be a shame if I decided to give up,

due to all of the pressures put upon me,

along with all of the exceedingly high expectations..


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