My Year

Its not just a grade,

It is my future.

No more time to delay,

I need to make a choice.


My book flys open!

I skim the page-

Words are written

down on a page.


Blue for the facts

Black for interpretation

Red for acronyms

Highlight for remembrance


The minutes, hours go by

I don’t have enough time.

My alarm goes off

And I dash to work.


I come home,

Tired but ready.

I need to understand.

I need to remember.


Limited amount of time

Always more I need to know

Flashcards and writing

Reciting over and over


I wake up

Without an alarm.

I pull out my flashcards

For the last time.


One scantron

One pencil

One teacher

And one test


All this preparation,

All that time

For a test

That is over so soon.


I turn my test in,

Grab my bag

And leave.

Now I wait.


This poem is about: 



A peom about how I have dramatically changed the way that I look at school and the importance of studying. 

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