Stupid Mistakes


The Crefeld School
United States

There might not be a reason why

But I know there is no reason to hate

The people say what route you take 

And if you fall or fly

But I won't lie when I say

People make stupid mistakes.


Whether it be breaking school property

Shattering a guitar as easy as pottery

No one ever believes it

They'll just say it's all fake

But believe me when I say

People make stupid mistakes.


Maybe there isn't a reason

For him making that window break

Sure there wasn't a sugar high

From all the icing on the cake

But really please believe me

Some things are not on purpose

And people make stupid mistakes.


He was the most heartfelt person

And he was in my grade

He was the only guy who thought

BEFORE he went and got laid

Isn't it funny what destiny wrought

That this time,

The school made the stupid mistake.



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