There is a time in person’s life

That each one of us must conquer

With no way around it

Where we must lay down to rest

Knowing we may never rise again


But each person

Does not cease to exist

At this one very point in time

But has made an impact


Be it a change in the heart of one little boy

Who loved so dearly the tales

His grandpa had never refrained to tell him


Or the softly spoken words of a mother

Who teaches her daughters to laugh

As if showing her how to survive

Through the bad days

And enjoy the good


The smile that is brought to a father’s face

As he thinks of his newborn’s hand

Wrapped strongly around his finger

And even though it may not have lasted long

He will be glad it had lasted at all


In these small moments are the ways

The ways in which each person molds the world

Though they may not have changed it all

It is like the flow of a river

Cutting away at the rocks over a vast expanse of time

Shifting one small detail at a time


The ways a person changes the world

Continues to flow through the earth

Like a whisper in the wind

Carrying knowledge, music, laughter

All those things that make us human

This is what keeps us going

Trying to make us whole again


These kind of moments are the ones

The ones that keep us going

The ones that keep us growing

And the ones that I couldn’t live without

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Our world
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