A Teacher's Misconception


Alas alas- 
I walk into class
As the last bell rings
The video announcements sing
I get to my desk to see a quiz that I will take 
"Are you kidding?" I ask myself; I feel my heart ache
We did not have enough time to learn this, you talked too much 
I cannot pass this quiz with the little knowledge I have, I feel a slight touch 
Rebeka is asking me for the answer to number 2
I can't give it to her, if I only knew

A couple of days had gone by 
And when I saw my grade, i wondered why 
I wondered why I didn't do as well as I should have 
Then I remembered it wasn't my fault, I couldn't have 
You talked far too much and taught us too little 
The notes that you gave us were quite minuscule 
The homework didn't help, I didn't know where to start 
Every day I had made it through class, I had dodged another dart

So I slide by daily, making ends meet
Avoiding the all too familiar defeat 
I wish you would put more time into planning your lessons 
Knowledge is a power, a weapon
But only if I had been taught how to find x
Would that knowledge help me to find what school had in store for me next

As I end my complaint about a teacher's misconception: that everyone gets math
Under every condition 
I want you to know I tried my very hardest 
But sometimes it's not all my fault, you're apart of it 


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