I Don't Want to Work

I'm writing a poem cause I don't want to work.

My project is due soon, there's twelve hours left. 

But quarantine's getting to me, I'm going berserk.

Stuck in my home here, I'm feeling bereft.

So, what can I do to find motivation?

I could take a break, and lay on my bed.

I can't leave the house or go on vacation.

The light from my phone screen is hurting my head.

I'll finish this up, my bedtime is soon.

And my blank assignment is staring at me.

All I have to do is turn it in by noon.

I'll fight to complete it, and hope for a B.

But before I go sleep, let me just say.

Online school's rough, but it's over in May.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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