Mister Professor

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 03:05 -- J Monet

Dear mister professor,

I take notes in your lecture

But once I pass my test those notes are useless like this classroom.

My dream is to make music

Become a nice producer

But nothing here is helping my to prepare for my future!

I know I have to pass

And pay attention in this class

But it bores me to listen when I know hours have passed.

We never interact

We never work in groups

There’s never any hands-on, it’s up to me and you.

I’m here ‘cause it’s required

But this class won’t get me hired

It’s irrelevant like a workingman who has retired.

I mean no disrespect

I had to get this off my chest

Because the notes that I collect are useless just like this subject.

I just want what is best

So when I graduate from school

I’ll have everything I need to show I’ve made progress.

And whenever I’m out

I’ll have nothing to stress about

I’ll turn dreams to reality and be the best one out.

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J Monet

This poem is about me having a certain interest/major in school but the first few years I have to take a lot of classes that has nothing to do with my major. I feel like it is a waste of time and wish we could just get to the point .

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