Learning is not School

I don't hate Learning but I also dont think this school thing works for everyone 

youre supposed to sit down and stay quiet

Pay attention and don't talk back to the teachers 

listen to what they have to say even if it's 

the most boring thing in the world

why would I ever need to know the quadratic formula

if i don't want to be a mathematician? 

You're supposed to talk even if you don't feel like it 

and get ridiculed by the teacher if you don't know the right answer 

because you're not supposed to say what you really think 

but what the adult wants to hear. 

Youre supposed to ask to use the bathroom 

and sign a paper when you do so they can monitor your bathroom use 

to make sure it's not too excessive. 

And you can't wear some things you'd like 

and heaven forbid you expose your shoulders it's inappropriate. 

And guys can't wear their hats sideways or sag their pants 

because it makes them look like a threat and they think everyone 

who walks, talks, moves, and looks differently is suspect to be in a gang.

 If they fall because they're pendejos and don't know how to 

walk with their pants at their thighs, it's their fault and they know it. 

when i go to school I have to tuck my Rosario in my shirt 

Y no podemos hablar si los otros creen en Dios 

Because it might make other people uncomfortable. 

What if I'm uncomfortable they don't let me choose what I want to believe in? 

They teach evolution as a facts. 

At school you're not supposed to talk about the important questions 

like what is your purpose in life, if any. 

they fill your head with useless facts and test everyone in the same way 

grouping people into categories of advanced, proficient, basic or below basic. 

Your treatment depends on what category you fit into. 

Mi abuelo siempre me dijo "necesitas poner educación como trabajo, 

eso es que van a pagar los cuentas" 

and I have been blessed to be able to fit into the the adavanced groups and be treated 

with, for the most part, respect for my intellectual capabilities.

But I know kids that drop out because their parents tell them the complete opposite. 

They need to find work, and work for their family. 

And school doesn't entice them enough, or give them enough reason to stay. 

They have to learn things the hard way. 

Learning is for everyone, but school is not. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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