She let him walk away from his only escape 

She gave him an F because he wouldn't follow her directions

Little did she know the hell he hid behind his eyes

She didn't know the torment going on in his life

Didnt care to learn his aspirations or goals

Listed him as a fuck up 

Treated him like he was nothing

She didn't know his mom did the same

In her drunken fury his mother blamed him for her loss

Not realizing he was suffering more

With grades and his shit teacher not taking the time to get to know him

He ran 

Ran away from a place full of no friends

No family 

No love

He was going to be president one day 

or maybe a famous artist 

but his teacher said he was nothing 

"especially with that attitude"

so he left


branded with failure 

He tried finding an escape hoping the poison would wash it away

thats why he was falling over your desk teacher 

He's living in this hell

that you cant see

engraved with the failure that you swore

his whole  life was going to be


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