You see me on Friday nights 

Under all those shiny, bright lights

Yelling for the win. 

You'd think I'm the prettiest 

That everyone loves to be around me 

That I have a lot of friends or the hottest boyfriend on the team 

You'd think that I'm outgoing

That I talk a lot in class

That I love to be the center of attention

You'd think that I'm stupid or 'stoopid' 

That I fail all my tests

That I'm not capable of having a brain since I'm on the Varsity cheer team

Because "They don't have brains, right?"

But you'd be wrong

Yeah, I'm not ugly and you see me shine in my uniform

But I don't have the best self esteem when

Seemingless 'flawless' girls around here have more guys gauking at them and people wanting to be around them

Yeah, I have a louder side that you see accompying those poms poms

But I'm not the first to raise my hand in class; I'm a little more shy

And it takes a while to truly see how loud my personality can be

Yeah, I'm not the smartest; but hey, I can spell out 'Diamondbacks' correctly 

I try hard on my school work

I study for my tests

Point of all this is

There is more than one side to me 

Yes, I like cheering,, a lot

But don't shrink me down to the sterotypes of a cheerleader

Because if you get to know me, you'll find that I don't fit into most of them

Assumptions aren't always so correct  

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