Test Day

Am I failing? 

I'm probably failing.

Did I pass?

Will you look for me?

No wait don't look.

I'm not ready.

Are you sure?

Should I go talk to her?

Did you say I got an A?

Did you study?

I didn't study.

It was easy, the easiest of A's.

I went in and winged it,

While you went it and dinged it.

But it's okay there's always more,

Thats for sure.

Don't feel bad it was a hard test.

Don't worry about your mom,

Just tell her you did your best.

I'm so giddy I can ryhme!

If I would have failed it, id be just like you,


Oh lets cry out to the heavens and wait...

This isn't my test...

Oh god, 

Oh no,

I knew it!

There's not way I could have passed!

My mother's going to have my,


By morrow I will surely be dead!

Nope wait, phew, I was wrong.

Now back to my happy song.

Where was I?

Oh yeah,

I passed!

I passed!

I passed!

I passed!

Time to go show off for the rest of the class.

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