my wings

When I dream, I dreamed of taking flight. 

My Wings clean, pure and free.

I was so free... 

I could fly as high as I wanted to and I wasn't afraid.

I felt like I could conquer all; overcome any challenges ahead.

But then I wake up... 

6:00 o'clock in the morning tired, deprived from sleep 

Fustrated because I have tests in all of my AP classes.

I know I'm gonna fail... I know I'm gonna fail 

That voice echos through my brain throughout the morning 

I try to supress it  and say "I got this! I studied! I know I will Ace this!

but the thought burns my mind  

I get to school 

Take my tests

Of course feel terrible afterwards...

After my test in 3rd period I look out the window 

I see the most beautiful Blue Jay in the world 

He's magnifcent wings in postion 

And there he goes! 

Off without a care in the world! 

I watched the bird as it flew off

How I envied that Blue Jay 

How dare that rat with wings have more freedom than I!

How dare he not have any anxiety to graduate with his class !

How dare he not have any fears about a college accepting him!

Why must I be born without those beautiful Wings?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

All I want is to be free... 

To not be judged by my clothes, grades, parents, and life itself...

My wings have been closed for so long I can't even remember

I see them everyday... getting tighter and uglier 

I want to see them free and beautiful as they were in my dream

All I want is to jump off the roof and take flight 







expressing myself... I feel a little better 

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