Mean Teachers and Heavy Books


Mean teachers. Heavy Books.

Thats what I wanna deal with,

Especially at eight in the morning,

Too tired to care, Too tired to carry.

Five pounds for one page,


Teachers yell and scream,

Seems like they don't care.

Attitude because I ask a question,

Judgemental people. Annoying textbooks.




Please tell me what you think of it.


I laughed-out-loud when I read your first two lines. This seems like a very sarcastic poem where you express the ridiculous requests and attitudes of your teachers. I think this poem started of very well, but your descriptions became a little too vague as the poem progresses. It reads as though you lost the flow. For example: "Seems like they don't care/ Attitude because I ask a question". I understand what you are saying, however, to continue the poem with clarity, you can reword the two bars so that they fit together like a puzzle piece.

Overall, your poem holds a strong message.

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