makeup is a breakup 
and makeup is a lie
disconnecting who you really are
and portraying who you think
we want you to be 
makeup is faked up 
you’re hiding behind 
goo-covered lashes 
makeup covers up 
the wounds and gashes left by
society and acne
makeup causes a blackening
of your internal fire
a darkening that is alarming
you think it makes us pretty
but really it’s harming us 
you think you need it
because they charge 39.95 for a tube
of freaking plastic
it makes me so damn sick that  
you think you aren’t beautiful 
without something that costs you 
honey that is a lie 
the greatest lie ever told
if I wanted to get rich off makeup
I would convince you that you needed it
and i would engrain it into your brain
so that without makeup
you would never ever feel beautiful


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