Forgive Me Teacher

Eyes glazed over like there's a dead girl

inside a barely functioning body.

It makes people uncomfortable,

but most never question why,

like bad stuff doesn't happen in this neighborhood.

They'll say they had no idea

but are somehow not surprised.

Yes, you failed her.


Reading Class third period is sadder than the rest.

When That Student does manage to show up

she's quiet and never turns in homework,

despite being a pretty smart kid.

The teacher has lunch moniter duty right after the bell and,

sees a darkness behind a child's morbid jokes

with friends at a white lunch table.

"Something is wrong here,"

a voice says from the back of the teacher's head.


She didn't find out till later.

Pieces came together from news reports,

a last known address,

and rumors in the halls.

The student's friend confirmed it.

Her heart sank, obesessing over every sign 

and every day she tried to make contact with sad eyes.


The student just couldn't say a word.


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