Every Single Friday


Before I entered my senior year, Fridays were the best

and then the 12th grade happened and my grades were worst than the rest.


The class is AP Psychology,

It was that class to let the mind fly free.


Though that is just the biggest lie,

Because it was in this year that I met my least favorite guy.


His name was Mr. Freeman and about six foot two.

He made sure if one got a bad grade that everyone knew.


He would stand in the front of the room, towering over the class

It was at this part that I would wish that I was in a class about molecular mass.


One by one with the stack of tests in his hand,

he would say a name and they would stand.


To the front of the room they went to pick up their test

When he called my name I felt like i was going to have a cardiac arrest.


Everytime he handed someone a test he made a comment

If he said something negative about my score, there would definately be an argument.


I could feel my legs turning to jelly

I knew in about five seconds there would be nothing left in my belly.


I moved to the front like I was just learning to walk

I needed to get out of there quick, I look for a clock.


It's way too late I arch my neck and look into the Devil's eyes,

And he says with a smile, a sticker on your test is your prize.


My legs are no longer unsteady

My heart ready has gone steady. 


I sit back down and he calls the next name,

He tells the kid, "Better luck next time."

Oh the shame!


At least this week it wasn't me,

For the next 6 days, I'm embarassment free.

Until next friday...


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