Are you really that blind?


Teachers, are you really that blind?

It's senior year and I finally realized something.

While I'm filling out applications every night, I can say

these four years in high school have been amazing!

But people fail to realize what really went on.

Excuse me, but this topic brings rage to my eyes.

How can school administration can be so blind?

Students work their asses off to get where they have to go,

but the next student walks so easily just to ace a test with googled answers from their iPhone 5.

Students struggle with jobs outside of school to support themselves,

but the next student uses excuses to skip homework only to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf.

Students genuinely work for their 90% and are given a "Nice Job!",

but the next student will cheat and earn 98%, and a full scholarship.

Mama always said life isn't fair, but this is down right ridiculous.

Open your eyes, spit out the coffee, and drop that precious little apple.

Teachers, are you really that blind?


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