I Seek the Forbearing

I do not speak loud

I do not speak proud

I am shy

I am nothing like the next guy

But what if I am

What if this is all a scam

I want to be seen 

I want someone who knows what I mean

I know it's absurd

But I want to be heard

Listeners read as you please

I just want someone who will say bless you when I sneeze

The person who I want to hear

Doesn't have to be near

I just want to confide

Not to hide

There is turmoil in life

I just want someone who will understand my strife

Someone who will sit down and comprehend 

That is the wish I want to send

The listener I speak to is not anyone out of the ordinary 

I don't care if  their more than extraordinary

I speak to whoever will take notice to what I say

And will remember a piece of it along the way

Why do I want someone to hear

Why don't I fear

Why do I dare

Why do I even care

I want to communicate

I want you to appreciate

I want understanding

That's all I am commanding

My friends don't always bat an eye

Sometimes it makes me want to cry

This is why I speak

This is when I feel weak

Everything going on in my head

Finally has fled

I want to touch a heart

To help a new start

I seek understanding

That's all I am demanding

I don't want to start a trend

I just wish for a friend

I just want to heard

Is that really so absurd 




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