Teach Me Something New.


Yeah, my brain's getting bigger,   But my skin's getting thinner,   The test says that I'm a winner,   But I'm not.      Let me know that this won't last.   Tell me that it's just a class,  Don't tell me about all the past,  Leaders of the land.      'Cause an online confrontation,  Means I can't read Fast Food Nation.   Excuse this profane conversation,  And my gestures.     But if he looks over at her,  I'll be instantly insecure.  So teach me to be stronger,  Not Shakespeare.     And my mother just got cancer,  I asked for an extension & got no answer.  There's a 50/50 chance for her,  Is that enough stats?       I'm crying in this stall,  So you don't have to send me to the hall.  But I want to scream and hit the wall,  When you give me this tardy.     If I drop out of school,  At first they'll think I'm cool.  But I'll resort into a fool,  With out a diploma.     And I'll read the scarlet letter,  So that I will know much better.  But a letter on a sweater,  Helps me how?     You say teenage hearts cant break,  But if one more girl tells me i'm fake,  I could cry or leave or go and take,  My life.     A post on twitter could kill.   And a post about me just will,  Give me no focus at all until,  It would be to late.     Please understand,  School doesn't have the upper hand,  To the drama that will land,   Me deciphering life.      I get that it's tough to do,  But if you want me to get through,  Balance academics with adolescent views,  I beg you.      Cause life is as hard,  As pinning jello to a wall,  It'll just break and fall.  So what did you teach me,  After all? 

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