Never Have I Ever


Never Have I Ever Told My Teacher To Shut It.

It would have been nice to place them on mute.

Matter of fact, the school system could give them the boot.

Never Have I Ever, understood how writing uniform essays would help me in life,

With uniforms or not, all schools are full of strife.

We live in a real world, fantasy stories do not help, 

Maybe that's why during those time I slept.

Never Have I Ever liked my math class.

Polynomials, Exponents, Fractions all suck ass!

Teach me more about life, 

Things that are happening every day.

When caught up in the wrong situation, Teach me what to say.

No child left behind but half of my senior class was failing.

Do more direct teaching instead of yelling and wailing.

Never Have I Ever understood how an EOCT can determine whether you move up.

Graduation test either.

What if you're passing and aren't a good test taker?

We should all send persuasive essays to the makers!

Never Have I Ever not liked science.

I love it. Kudos.

I wouldn't if I had a semester with two of those classes.

School was fun though, I must admit.

Never Have I Ever even though to quit.

Never Have I Ever had trouble doing my work, 

Never Have I Ever had any work that was too complex.

I was an Honor graduate, no flex.

I'm just a spokesperson.

Never Have I Ever, understood most of our workload.

School will always be full of pointless lessons,

I guess what's understood doesn't have to be explained. 

So stay in school with no second guessing.





i like it and it flips the script because the main ones talking bad on school is the ones that is failing but for you to be a honor grad. it changed the whole perception, nicely done.

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