Excuse this BOMB (School Suppression)

Excuses- that’s all you say you hear 
excuses for not following rules, I’m a person not a tool
excuses for my own belief, you don’t like when I speak what I think
Excuse me, as you talk and I don’t listen
because all that comes from your mouth is prosecutions
Reasons why I’m in the wrong because I’m not like you at all
Telling me what to do, how to do it,
because you think in my mind, I’m alright.
The road of my mind is so very long
I can get lost,
In all those roads, 
find a beach and dig in the sand my toes
Excuse me? 
Were you talking?
You don’t like my hat? Well that’s too fucking bad.
Does it offend you? No? Leave me the hell alone
Excuse me? 
I was late? Give me a detention? Ok.
You wanna give me three? Sir that’s far too many 
I have a mind to train because you’re starting to taint it
But to you my mind is alright,
 even though all I do is supposedly wrong
So maybe I should kill you all, while my friend can write a song
Excuse me while I grab a knife,
and decide to end yours or my life
Because that’s my escape since I’m always wrong


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