This School Ain't Cool

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 18:46 -- takk155

Technology is cool when

you see it on TV, hear about it

on the radio, but we just spent

too much money for shit

that we don't need.


The fancy calculators, the dumb

electronic boards, the stupid amount

of money spent and they still can't get

Microsoft Word 2007 on the computers

in the lab.


The teachers here would like it a lot more

if they didn't have to suffer from

taking five different subjects,

teaching all four classes from freshman to senior

in everything. They need a break too.

Just hire some new teachers already.


We live in a divided society, but

please don't repeat that divide

in our school. This isn't chess; there

is no black and white with people.

Help out

the poor kids who never

had a chance to do

what the rich kids do

in class. Or did you forget

old Ben and equality in education.


Let's fix the school, cause

I don't want to come back

and see my school as nothing

more than broken concrete on the ground.



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