The Joys of Being an Outcast



You don't know what it's like to wake up every morning dreading school.
Knowing no one cares when everyone stares. I get scared, I wanna go home.
Wrap my face up with bandages because there are no dogs allowed in school.
You don't know how much I wish to be accepted.
When I stare at the mirror, I wish I can grab scissors, cut myself a body of a swimmer.
How much I want to consider myself a winner.
I wish I had a face like a celebrity. Filled with beauty, and flawless.
No need for creams, toxins, and chemicals.
A smell like roses as they first bloom. Not just an enhanced man perfume.
I wish I wasn't so horrid and displeasing.
Wish I had the courage to stick up for myself. Shot by words, and stabbed by actions.
I act like words don't hurt but, they kill me every time I hear them.
Fear going to school without a jacket, because you know they'll laugh. It echoes and follows you home.
Still, I will never give up. I may be broken, I may be ugly, fat, stupid, annoying.
I will keep fighting until it's all in the past.
The future is my present.
Even if I finish last, as long as I passed.
These are the joys of being an outcast.


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