Education: Ticks and Tricks


What is an education?

It is factual, theoretical, practical, or negligable,

does it enlighten, brighten, heighten, or deepen

the degree and impact that is actually accredited.

My, my, what a concept, education quite is the latter.

Now there isn't much to it, just teachers and notes,

passing day by day, fulfilling dreams and hopes 

and still there is an absence of many

who indulge in the material in any subject seriously.

Why get an education if it always different, 

for anything in turn for knowledge is time well spent.

Well let me dive deeper for my motive isn't visible,

for my experience is where I derive what I believe is credible.

For every test, there is fear, and every grade, anxiety.

Nothing more than an increase in heart rate and the common jitters

and yet it gives us the same reaction as if we recieved a death threat.

It's the "fight-or-flight response," says physiology of course but why is that.

Education is for learning not for a pass,

because it's obvious that there's no reason for you to go to class.

For the time you take in just passing the class, is time wasted commited to something that won't last.

Education is Key. That's the motto, right?

But it's something that shouldn't ever be a fight or out of sight.

For education is everywhere and the abundance is limitless,

from the lecture halls of college to the streets you can't miss.

My motive is serving and of course that's unlimited,

from shelters, clinics, to the local YMCA,

but I find more use in my education than appealing for an A.

For once I'm in the real world, there is no grading scale or test,

for anyone to boast in their knowledge, time to put the books to rest.

For it demands alot more than what's on your transcript,

with all this in mind, are you ready for it?

For education is my role and I hope to make it the best,

for my degree is just a prerequisite for what has to come up next.

I am here to serve, and serve the best of you,

that's my focus and I study hard to keep it true,

for my vision is far beyond when the next group project is due.


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