An Average Teenager

I spend my days longing and striving for a perfection,I know I can never reach.I spend my nights planning for the day to come,Making goals I'll never meet.I feel I am accepting of others and their beliefs,Given they respect my own.I'm not very well known,or seen in the eyes of many,but I've spoken, at least once, to you all,and I know you plenty.I'm a man of science logic and facts,I'll never follow blindly,and I'll always ask, "Why's that"?I have fears for the future and what it holds,because ultimately it's up to me,and I don't know which way to go.I have regrets in my past,mistakes I've made,chances I didn't takeI always ask, "why did or didn't I do that"?When I look in a mirror,I never like what I see,I always push for better,honestly, that quality may be the best part of me.My personality is ever-changing,I'm still discovering who I am. There are bits and pieces rearranging,moving in ways I've yet to understand.All the while I'm wondering,Who am I?Where will I go?But that's the mystery is it not?We don't get to know what our future holds.Well have you guessed it? Do you know who I am?Eventually you'll know who,but first, I have a question,do you think I'm anything like you?

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Cole Dutton

Why will my poem not format correctly, Ive edited it several times, if anyone has advice I would appreciate it. 


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