They Used to Say Everyone Was Special

I am not an SAT score.

I am not simply another face.
I am not a GPA.
I am not a statistic based on gender and race.
I am not 3 adjectives
Or a barcode you can scan.
I don't fit the mold
Because how's there a mold
If all people are like snowflakes;
Unique individuals?
You raise us to believe we're all special and different
But reduce us to numbers.
To crunch in your equation.
I am not an ACT score.
I am not the depth of my financial needs.
I am not a class rank.
I am not the amount of sports I play
Or clubs that I join.
How is it that my life depends on a series of tests,
When I was always told
If I tried my best,
I could do what I wanted
And be who I wanted?
Now you constrict me into this box,
Because I was a few points short,
Community hours just weren't enough.
You say,
"I'm sorry"
You say,
"We had a strong pool this year"
You say,
"The best applicants we've ever had"
You mean,
"You failed"
You mean,
"Your numbers didn't create the largest sum"
You mean,
"There were higher GPAs and higher SATs, higher class ranks and higher ACTs.
There were more AP classes and more college credits. 
There were more students who better fit the mold we claim we want you to break,
but then set boundaries and regulations to squeeze you into a Fill-in-the-Blank-University-shape."
You say "diversity is cool"
But if I don't have the numbers,
You don't give a damn who I am outside of school.
I am not a letter grade.
I am not a series of facts,
Of numbers,
Of data.
I am Caroline.
I am pages and pages of descriptions and actions,
filing cabinets of dreams and aspirations.
I am the beauty of the sun,
and the glistening of snow.
I am special.
I am weird.
I am and forever will be,
A dare and a dream
To surpass the means of measuring worth.
I am what you said I should be,
but of course didn't mean.
I Am Me.
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My country
Our world
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